Birthday Parties


Birthday parties


Call us if you want to organise a  original party full of games and crafts where kids have a great time creating inspired by great masters of Art. This special events are full of art+science experiments and games to encourage kids to develop their inner artist, not just doing crafts but also thinking creatively and creating a real masterpiece together. We have a selection of popular themed parties but we are open to new ideas and suggestions, just get in touch!

Some of the most popular ones are, baking with van Gogh, glow in the dark Art party, Art with bubbles, splatter painting with Jackson Pollock, Roll-a-Picasso, art+science.

We create sensory art sessions suitable for children from 1 year old and not only for kids, if you want to celebrate a crafty birthday party for an grown up art lover we do special sessions for kids up to 99 years old!

Prices go from £100 for a group of 10/15 kids depending on the party. All materials included.  Kids will create (at least) one artwork to take home.

We’re based in Shadwell (E1W 3DH), events located 1.5miles away from our base will have an extra charge of £10/mile. Check map here

Email for more information. We will help you to find the right art session for your party!



Exploring fluorescence

We will cover all windows and sources of light to explore Art and different materials under UV lights.  Children will create art on the walls and floors with invisible ink and tape, and play with glowing oobleck.

1h30mins | £15/ child | Minimum 10 children, maximum 30 children. 



limitless creativity

Tell us about the birthday boy or girl and about the venue where you’re going to host the party  and we will tailor a unique  arts & crafts session for you! Painting, sculpture, messy Art, printing, building, fabric painting, big Art...the list never ends. 

1h15mins | £7/child | Minimum 10 children, maximum 25


It's all about balance

Children will learn about balance in Art through different games and challenges and, inspired by the works of Alexander Calder, they will create a sculpture with clay, and wire to take home.

1h 15mins  £9/child  Minimum 10 children, maximum 30


colours in the wild

Inspired by the wild art of fauve artists kids will turn themselves into a masterpiece with face & body paint, they will then settle down for a painting session and learn how to draw their favourite animals and to colour them in a very unusual way inspired by Matissse. They can all take their artworks home.

1h 15mins | £9/child | Minimum 10 children, maximum 30



delicious biscuits inspired by beautiful artworks

Decorate cookies in the style of a famous artist, inspired by cherry blossom tree, the starry night or the sunflowers children will recreate van Gogh’s most famous artworks on biscuits!

1h30mins | £10.5/child | Minimum 10 children, maximum 20



create Art with your old toys

Each child should bring a bag of small loose parts, broken or old toys to create a sculpture inspired by the works of artists like Mike Kelley or Louise Nevelson. We will put all the toys together and children will then assemble the different toys creating a whole new three dimensional thing. Using spray paint they will cover all the objects they used making them look like a whole new object. It’s a great session to think about the life of the objects we own and how can they give them a new use through Art.

1h 15mins | £10/child | Minimum 10 children, maximum 18


escape...if you can!

Inspired by the architectural mazes of different civilizations children will create a life size maze (outdoors or indoors) and a tiny one to take home. They will also have to complete different challenges inspired by the legend of Icarus and Daedalus.

1h30mins | £8/child | Minimum 10 children, maximum 30.



Multisensory Art sessions

A personalised sensory Art session for under 5's with loads of paint, sounds, lights...and messy proofed plastic covers.

 1h | £8.5/child | Minimum 10 children, maximum 20.


don't put your sunday clothes for this one

Inspired by Jackson Pollock's artworks kids will learn different splatter painting techniques (brushes, balloons, water guns...) depending on the venue of the party (indoors, outdoors) we will create a tailored session to fit your needs (and keep furniture and walls safe)

1h30mins | £13/child | Minimum 15 children, maximum 20.


cast a spell

Mix different liquids and sparkly ingredients, add colour, cast a spell and put you potion inside a tiny bottle. Each kid can mix up to 3 different potions, decorate the bottles and tags and take them home. A magical and fun session to explore colour mixing and liquid density.

1h15mins | £13/ child | Minimum 10 children, maximum 30 children. 


mix the perfect essence

Mix different natural ingredients (rose, lavender, mint, berries…) to create a personalised essence to take home. Learn about the ancient history of perfume and decorate your perfume bottle.

1h15mins | £13/ child | Minimum 10 children, maximum 30 children. 

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