Lemon ArtLab was founded in 2013 as a place to learn about Art in a different and creative way and has grown to be a successful Art club in different locations in East London. We provide high quality Art sessions where we teach about great artists and encourage children to discover the secrets behind some of the most famous artworks. We’re a small but passionate team, we love what we do and that is what makes this project so special.

Back in 2015 we launched our first Art Explorers summer camp in Wapping, East London with a small group of kids, three brave Art teachers and tight budget for Art materials. We managed to create awesome artworks and to make unforgettable visits to various Art museums. The experience was so meaningful and fun for both teachers and children that we decided to keep running every school holiday.

Today, more than 250 children have passed by our holiday Art camp and 90% of them join again every half term. We are a very small Art project, we open places for only 12 children each day to be able to spend time with each kid and to personalise the experience. At this camp, kids will learn a lot about Art, exploring famous artworks and creating their own ones but they will also be able to put into practice their skills, make new friends and explore London in a unique an child-friendly way.

We are a child-led camp, that means that we let children make their own decisions and take risks, they are free to join the activities they are interested in or spend the whole day exploring at their own path. We have a no-screen policy and we usually don’t allow toys at the camp, so kids end up playing using their imagination or creating toys with the materials provided (natural materials such rocks, leaves, sticks and Art materials like clay, string, tape, paper, staples…) Teachers propose ideas and share the plan for the day trip at the start of the day, children add their own ideas as well, together we create the schedule for the day.

When visiting Art museums with children we encourage them to question what they see using games, crafts and treasure hunts, we let them express themselves using Art materials creatively after getting inspiration from famous artists. We want them to think by themselves, to be able to express ideas through Art and, most important of all, to empathise with artworks made by others.

We don’t want them to copy what they see but to create a personal response. This is a difficult and long process that we, LEMON teachers, tackle with enthusiasm every school holiday, sometimes we fail and children are not interested at all, sometimes we get a fabulous response. We know this work we do with the kids will only be recognized in the long run but we’re sure it’s worth it.

Lemon has been enthusiastically received by children, parents and teachers. In Lemon ArtLab we share our passion about Art in a fun, engaging way with loads of hands on projects and child led fun activities during school holidays.

All our activities are in English but we also offer options in Spanish conscious of the lack of fun family activities in this language in London just get in touch hello@lemonartlab.com






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