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Art Historian and specialised in museum education. Susana founded LEMON in 2013 in London and recently moved the project to her hometown, Madrid. Lives between Madrid and London trying to keep this little project alive. She adores museums, pottery and action painting (and surprisingly she adores cleaning up afterwards).


Leo coordinates our afterschool sessions and creative spanish lessons in London. Graduate in Philology but Art teacher at heart. She's the life and soul of our Art Explorers camps and you can easily find her all covered in paint encouraging kids to be more rebellious and dada. (to the chagrin of Susana that would prefer a more organised Art class)


Jose mainly works in LEMON Madrid trying to get our fabulous sessions to museums, art fairs and galleries around Spain. He designs all the activities in museums for adults but you can often find him giving a hand during half term camps in London. As an Art Historian he loves stories and he's specially good sculpting with different materials and building 3D Art. He's also an expert in Street Art and runs regular tours both in Madrid and London.


Primary teacher with loads of experience working also in summer camps. Knows loads of games and cheeky camp songs. Always in movement either painting, reading, or travelling. Passionate about drawing and trying new crafts. Life needs more colour!


Nathalia is a professional photographer with a huge experience in Art Education. She collaborates with Lemon during school holidays leading some of the creative sessions. She is our sweetest teacher and always remains calm when paint is flying around during one of our Art sessions. Bless you Nathalia!


Irene is a passionate Art Historian with a huge experience working with children in an artistic field. She runs along with Leo most of the birthday parties and afterschool classes in local schools. She is also an expert in paint stains that don't come off easily and making everyone feel unique and creative.


Fine Art graduate and Museum Educator. She's Lemon's resident artist and you will usually find Laura helping here and there with some classes, camps and birthday parties in Lemon London, bringing creativity and awesomeness. Passionate about Art History and Arts&Crafts, she will be the first in the line to dip her hands inside a pot of paint!

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